Simply Healthy Essences

These essences are much more powerful than your average aromatherapy sprays & oils! These powerful essences include the infusion of healing crystals, flower essences, therapeutic grade essential oils, Reiki Healing energy and are blessed by Angels and Ascended masters!

Simply Healthy Essences are natural remedies designed to support you on your journey to restore peace and harmony in your life. They are powerful blends for use in cleansing & raising your vibration, to intensify the quality of meditation, or to promote positive relationships and restful sleep. They can also be used as an aura spray, to cleanse and balance your aura and chakras. Spray them around you and you will feel wrapped in the love of angel wings! 

Essences are available in Love, Purify, Relax, & Abundance 


Roll-on Oils

Gift Sets (Spray, Roll-On Oil + Free Crystal)


Simply Healthy Essences are a wonderful way of channeling the natural energies in our environment. They are vibrational liquids that hold the energy of flowers, plants and crystals. The signature sprays are held in spring water and preserved in glass jars. They can work on emotional, physical and spiritual issues.

The vibrational energy of the flower essences and crystals promote overall health and wellbeing. They have been blended with very subtle scented floral waters that complement the crystal elixirs and essential oils. Each spray is individually bottled in attractive BPA-FREE  4 ounce amber glass bottles with spray tops. Roll-on oils come in a 1/3 oz. glass bottle held in coconut oil. 

How Are They Made?

Each Simply Healthy essence is personally formulated by Andrea, a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, certified Crystal healer and angel intuitive. Each spray is made individually by hand, using pure therapeutic essential oils, crystals and flower essences from the wild. A combination of crystal elixirs, flower essences, essential oils, and crystal gem chips are carefully and intentionally combined by Andrea to create a powerful, unique healing spray. Andrea also infuses each jar with powerful Reiki Healing energies and invites in healing energy from Archangels and Ascended masters!

So, how do they work?

The vibrational frequencies of the crystals and flowers permeate the water imbuing it with their essences~ hence the name Essence Spray! Water is capable of holding memory of the qualities of the source. Crystals and flowers are specifically chosen to align with the intention of each spray. Crystal elixirs are created and placed outside (or window during cold weather) to absorb the energies of the sun and moonlight. 

For more information about creating crystal elixirs, you can visit Hibiscus Moon.  She has an amazing crystal healing course that will blow your mind!!! 

The crystal elixirs rest on mandala coasters that contain labels of intention for each spray. These healing words and crystals infuse the water with specific properties. 

When the flower essences and crystal elixirs are ready, they are carefully strained and then combined with various therapeutic grade essential oils. 

Once the flower essence is combined with the crystal essence and essential oils, specific crystal gem chips are added to each individual bottle to enhance the healing properties of each spray.  

While listening to beautiful healing Angelic music, Andrea sends Reiki to the essences, invites in Archangels, guides and Ascended Masters and sets the specific intention for each....and VOILA!

Powerful healing essence sprays and oils are ready! 

To use: Shake before using. Spray in an arc in the air around you to energize your aura and chakras, or spray around a room of your home or office to renew the energy, cleanse and lift the vibration of any space. Sprays are intended to spray around your body and home.

Oils can be rolled on all pulse pints, including wrists, temples, neck, collarbone, behind the knees, and bottom of feet. they can also be rolled on chakras for balancing. For external use only.   


Roll-on Oils

Gift Sets (Spray, Roll-On Oil + Free Crystal)

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