How to Roast Beets

If prefer to bake or roast beets instead of boiling them in water. They take a little bit longer to prepare, but I think they taste much better!

  1. Wash and dry the beets carefully. First, scrub the beet bulbs themselves. Clean them under running water and brush off any dirt. Be careful not to remove any skin (this will release flavor & color of beets during cooking process).
  2. Cut the greens off the bulbs, leaving about a half inch of the stems. And leave most of the the long root on too...these contain minerals and flavor!
  3. Place beets in a baking dish with a little bit of water and cover. Bake at 375F for about 50 min. Baking times and temperature may vary with each individual oven, but large beets may take up to an hour! Insert a knife in the center to check them (like a potato).
  4. Remove from the oven and allow to cool a bit before peeling them. They are easier to peel when slightly warm. Remove the peels with your fingers, They slide right off! You can use a knife to slice off the ends. Warning... this part is messy! Just wash your hands right away.

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You can also roast beets easily by wrapping them individually, or a couple at a time, in foil and place them on a baking sheet. Cooking time is still about an hour depedning on their size!

I highly recommend making a couple bunches at a time. You can refrigerate the cooked beets and add to recipes or on salads throughout the week!

Also...don't think about throwing the beet greens away! You can use them in smoothies or saute the greens with garlic and seasonings for a delicious side dish!

Try this arugula & beet salad!

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