Chard Veggie Wrap

Chard Veggie Wrap is a delicious gluten-free alternative for a healthy veggie wrap! Top with sauteed tempeh for added protein!  I like chard in this recipe because it's a very thick, firm green and wraps just as good as a flour wrap (without the carbs!). You could also use Bibb lettuce if you prefer. Top with honey ginger dressing for a sweet and tangy kick! 

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  • Fresh chard leaves (1 per wrap)
  • 1 red bell pepper, sliced
  • red cabbage, sliced
  • matchstick carrots 
  • avocado
  • green onion, sliced
  • Tempeh (steamed, then sauteed in strips) - optional
  • Drizzle with Honey Ginger Dressing


  1. Wash and prep all veggies. 
  2. Steam and slice tempeh into thin strips, then saute in coconut oil until lightly brown with Bragg Liquid Aminos or soy sauce (optional).
  3. Remove thick stem from chard leaves. Lay chard flat.
  4. Place a spoonful of cabbage, red pepper, carrots and green onions in the center of the chard leaf. Add tempeh strips.
  5. Top with sliced avocado. Drizzle with Honey Ginger Dressing. Sprinkle with sesame seeds (optional). Wrap and enjoy! 

This wrap is delicious paired with this Asian-Style Quinoa salad! I use the same honey ginger dressing on the quinoa! 

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