Blissful Bride Treatment Package

A bride will spend thousands of dollars preparing for her wedding day, often at the expense of her emotional wellbeing.  Three therapeutic  treatments are combined in this unique package to prepare the bride for her big day!  Chakra balancing, crystal therapy and Reiki healing are used to increase life force energy and support the bride in releasing any fear, worry or sadness while promoting relaxation and stress relief. 

Don’t wed without experiencing this one of a kind healing session!

Before entering into marriage, a bride should be light and blissful both within and without, free from past hurts, doubts and pain of previous relationships and experiences.  

The stresses and excitement of planning a wedding alone can cause physical and emotional stress, causing blockages in the body's chakras.  If left unbalanced, these blocked chakras can create issues that may cause friction between couples.  

The Blissful Bride healing package has been especially designed to balance the body, mind and spirit through the following treatments:

Chakra Balancing: 
Using affirmations and guided meditation, we focus on three of the seven major chakras. 

Chakra balancing work can help to open a woman up fully to her maximum potential, expanding her capacity to both give and receive love.

Reiki Healing: Gentle Reiki energy is given to the bride using the power of universal life force energy to raise her vibrations on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Crystal Therapy: 
Specially chosen crystals are laid on and around the bride to completely balance each chakra.  The main chakras focussed on are:

  • the base chakra for financial security, trust; releasing old unnecessary thoughts or resentments
  •  the sacral chakra for fertility, sexuality and physical health; increase sensual sensitivity & joy
  • the solar plexus chakra for positive use of power and self-confidence; overcome limiting personal ego & finding your truth
  •  the heart chakra for openness to giving and receiving love, trust and forgiveness; unconditional love and compassion
  •  the throat chakra for loving communication and developing self-expression
  •  the third eye chakra for intuition, divine vision and guidance; clarity and balance
  •  the crown chakra for sense of connectedness to others and the world around us and to higher consciousness and inner wisdom

This work is carried out for the bride's highest good and is completely safe.  However, because of the nature of the physical, spiritual and emotional healing, I recommend that you schedule this session at least three to four weeks before the wedding itself.

 The Blissful Bride package is approximately 2 hours and costs $110. In addition to these three healing treatments, the bride will receive a three-crystal healing kit in a carry pouch as a keepsake for continuous healing.

This session is also very beneficial for anyone who wants to find balance so you can attract the right partner or to enhance the quality of your current relationship!

Call or email Andrea today to schedule an appointment. 

* Gift Certificates are also available for a bride to be.

Makes a great bridal shower gift! 

Andrea offers this package along with other Reiki and Crystal therapy services. 

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