Hear what others are saying about sessionsclasses , and readings with Andrea and how everyone is falling in love with the Simply Healthy Essence Sprays

"Andrea Frasier is on the forefront of today's intuitive healing generation. With her sacred humility, heart-centered approach + skillful organization, her healing work and products are premium gifts to any receiver. Andrea is gentle, present, knowledgeable, immediate, inspiring + wise. My treatment was mind-opening, body stimulating + heart-clearing. Because Andrea was guiding my treatment, the capacity for my healing was cosmically optimal!"                    -Leona Mizrahi Segal

"Reiki was brand new to me when I had my first session with Andrea. It was well worth it - a very transformative experience. I was seeking some energy clearing and stress reduction. I could tell by her personality that Andrea would be a compassionate soul, but I was very impressed with how compassionate she was during the Reiki Session. I highly recommend Andrea and B Simply Healthy to anyone - beginners and more experienced alike!" 

Paula Penna, MMed., BMus. MusicMakers, LLC Manchester, CT

"Andrea offered to do a Reiki session with me after I once again returned from the doctor, upset and frustrated because he had no explanation as to why my cervix continued to bleed from the LEEP procedure done almost three weeks earlier.  If nothing else, she said, it would help me relax.  I had never had Reiki done, and she was right, it was relaxing.  More importantly, however, was that the next day, the bleeding  began to decrease.  By the end of the week, it had stopped completely.  There is not a doubt in my mind that Andrea’s Reiki treatment helped my body to heal."

Andrea B., New Orleans, LA

"While chatting with Andrea at my brother’s birthday party, I mentioned to her that I had experienced a peculiar accident recently. I proceeded to tell her that while hugging my two Labrador retrievers, Cali decided to push her sister away with her paw, and split my eyebrow with her nail. Well, a trip to the emergency room, 9 stitches later and some special bonding glue, I was on the road to recovery, so I thought. When I attempted to attend a boot camp class at the gym, my head said no, the pain was awful. Andrea offered a Reiki session to me; I was more than willing to try. I went to the studio and it truly was an amazing experience; I could actually feel the warmth of her healing. I would strongly recommend a Reiki session, the atmosphere was relaxing and the studio was welcoming." 

Lori S., South Windsor, CT

"I purchased Andrea’s Simply Healthy Essence sprays as I was looking for a very soothing essence that was all natural. The rose spray is revitalizing, filled with reiki and has a lovely scent. I definitely recommend her products!"

Amber Nightingale, Elizabethtown, PA

"I was inspired by Andrea to attend Reiki Level I class and I found it to be so easy to learn, apply and implement, that Level II was the next logical step. I feel amazing...less anxiety, frustration, physical pain and more clam, energized and positive! I went from skeptic to believer, from level I to Level II and life is getting better and better with regular self treatments. Thank you!"

Dawn Greenfield, Manchester, CT

"This is a life changing tool in this ever complex world. Reiki is such a positive experience both as the recipient and the channeler of the energy!"

Lynda Miklos, South Windsor, CT

"Andrea was very professional in her lecture and hands on with explanation of symbols and how to use them. I would highly recommend taking a Reiki Class with Andrea to anyone who is looking to achieve a stress free life."

Cathy Rivera, New Fairfield, CT

"I love all of the preparation that went into this workshop. I feel that Andrea is very into what she is passing along to us! I enjoyed the small group feel and the hands-on practice. It was wonderful to feel the energy flowing. Thank you soooo much, Andrea!" 

Shelly Ranney, South Windsor, CT

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