Reiki in Hospitals

Reiki is becoming increasingly popular with the medical community, with over 800 hospitals across the U.S. offering Reiki as a standard part of hospital care. A research study at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, CT indicates that Reiki improved patient sleep by 86%, reduced pain by 78%, reduced nausea by 80%, and reduced anxiety during pregnancy by 94%.

In addition, nurses report that Reiki helps patients heal faster with less pain, reduces stress and improves mental attitude, improves appetite, and reduces the negative side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and other medical procedures. This has also been documented and seen on the popular Dr. Oz show. 

Reiki is recognized as a complementary approach along with traditional medical treatments,  psychological counseling, and other treatments.  

Reiki is not a substitute for medical and other health care treatments.

The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) writes about the scientific validation behind Reiki and why it is becoming an increasingly popular form of complimentary health care. 

Dr. Mehmet Oz, one of the leading cardiovascular surgeons in the United States, was an early pioneer of the use of Reiki in hospitals. Dr. Oz has allowed the use of Reiki during surgeries at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Centre in New York City and he has promoted Reiki on his television show as well as on the Oprah Winfrey show. 

The benefits of Reiki and energy healing has also been documented on CNN

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