Make A Gift Basket With These 6 Simple Steps

Healthy Holiday Gifts are a great way to show how much you care about your family and friends. Get a “wow” response and delight that special someone with a gift that’s actually good for them.

Top 4 Healthy Gift Basket Ideas

Step #1- Decide on your theme. Think about the person you are making this for. What would they enjoy and find useful?

Step #2- Determine what items you will put in it.

Step #3- Select your basket. Make sure you pick a basket that is a perfect size and will hold all of the items you are putting in it. Michaels, Jo-Ann fabric, and The Christmas Tree Shop have an excellent selection of baskets and are usually on sale up to 40%-50% off during the holidays!

Step #4- Choose your wrapping materials. You will need a bag or shrink wrap. I prefer bags. They are much easier! But if you are very crafty….then shrink wrap away! Again, you can find this at the 3 stores mentioned above. They make clear gift basket bags in several different sizes. That is what I used for Oatmeal basket. You can also use other decorative wrapping, like the silver one I used for Home Spa basket. Just look around, these craft stores have everything!

You will also need basket filling and ribbon or bows for decorating. Notice how I used a red and green theme with the oatmeal basket, but silver and purple with the Home Spa basket. You can be as creative and original as you’d like!

Step #5- Assemble the basket. Put the filling in your basket, then add your gifts. Place the larger items in the back. Rearrange them so they look neat and organized.

Step #6- Wrap & Decorate your basket. If using a bag, carefully place the bag over the basket (open side up). Then, tie your bag with ribbon (if not shrink-wrapping) and/or add a bow and a gift tag.

A Few Tips...

  • Buy in bulk. Don’t make everyone on your list a different basket. Try to make a few of the same so you can leverage your materials and ingredients! For example, for a Home Spa basket, you could buy 1 or 2 bags of Epsom salts and make several bath salt bags!
  • Keep it simple. Think of a theme and stick to it. 4-5 items related to the theme should be sufficient. Don’t just add everything and anything to the basket! Buy a few inexpensive (but useful) items to fill the basket. The loofah I put in the spa basket was around $2.00!
  • Have fun! This should be a fun project, not stressful! Enjoy the process of putting together a gift that will improve the mental, physical or spiritual health of your family and friends!
  • Other Healthy Gift Ideas:

    1. You can make smaller baskets with 2 or 3 items, like a bag of whole grain pancake or waffle mix with a bottle of pure maple syrup.
    2. A certificate for a coaching session with a health or life coach.
    3. Chemical-free and/or organic hand wash and lotion.
    4. A certificate for a Reiki session. Many people aren't aware of the health benefits of Reiki or wouldn't think to go do this for themselves. Give the gift of love and healing with a Reiki session!
    5. If you can afford it, give a juicer or Vitamix. I got the Vitamix for Christmas last year. It was the best gift I have ever received. I use it every day!
    6. A DVD; Forks Over Knives, Food Inc., and Food Matters are great, informational documentaries about healthy eating.
    7. A CD; guided meditation cds or relaxing music are great choices!
    8. Any health-related book or magazine subscription. There are many great books for the mind, body, and spirit. There are also a number of terrific recipe and cookbooks. Here are a few of my favorites:

    9. So, whether it’s a large gift basket, a small gift basket, a stand alone gift, or a certificate, make it a healthy holiday for your family and friends. There really is no better gift than the gift of health! Healthy Holidays!

      Top 4 Healthy Gift basket Ideas
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