Intuitive Angel readings

Intuitive Angel Readings are messages from angels and Archangels channeled by Andrea to give you guidance and support regarding a specific question, issue or area in your life. 

"Andrea gave me a lovely package comprising an Angel Reading with Reiki Healing. She is truly connected to the Angels and guides and gave me a reading which resonated on so many levels. She channels loving guidance and I have acheived greater clarity and feel much more supported since the reading. During my remote Reiki treatment, I felt so much more connected to the higher realms and yet completely at peace, physically as well as emotionally. I was aware that I was integrating Angelic guidance and have felt empowered and more "switched on" ever since. Whilst I can thoroughly recommend Andrea's readings I would strongly encourage everyone to try this combination of reading with reiki - it's a winning formula"  - Mo Prowse, UK 

What will you receive?

In addition to being a reiki master, I am also a Lightarain reiki Master and have completed Angel links with archangels. Although everyone is able to connect with Angels, having this energetic connection enables me to tune into their frequency and hear messages that they have for me and for the person I'm working with. I am also a certified angel card reader by Doreen Virtue. 

Each reading is personally done with the belief that the Angels know who you are. I simply tune into your energy by stating your name, location, and issue or question then ask the angels to provide me with the information or guidance you need at this time. 

Every reading is done with care, love and respect towards the Angels and the person for whom I am doing the reading. 
The readings are never negative and always provide valuable information that can help you move forward and take action to improve any area of your life. 

All messages come from information and intuition I receive, along with cards that are drawn by me as guided by Angels and archangels, with the purpose of passing on information that they would like you to know at this time. Every reading is different for each individual person. I will often receive guidance from ascended masters, including Jesus and the Blessed Mother Mary in addition to archangels and guardian angels. 

All readings will be carefully prepared for each individual and personally e-mailed to you within three business days of receipt of your request and accompanying payment. If you would like to request a reading, please select the payment below and complete the request form. Please limit each reading to one question, issue or area of your life, so that I can focus in on your energy and get a clear message that the angels have for you related to this one area. 

If you don't have a specific question, or area of concern you can simply ask, "What message do the angels have for me today?" 

If the message is helpful to you, you may consider requesting an additional angel card reading for a different question or issue. Angels and archangels are always here to help us, we just have to ask!

You may also benefit form a reiki energy healing session as well. 

Many blessings,

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