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You are what you eat! You have heard this said a thousand times. But have you really thought about it? Do the food choices you make every day reflect the type of person you want to be, the life you want to live and the body you want to have? Everything you eat affects you. When you are eating well, your body, mind, and spirit are nourished. Healthy eating can be easy.

I believe optimal health is attained when one finds balance in all aspects of life. You do not have to deprive yourself to find balance. Being aware and educating yourself about nutrition are important, but not sufficient! If information were enough, we would all be skinny and healthy, wouldn't we? So, that's why I focus on a balanced approach that addresses the root causes of poor eating habits that lead to illness and disease.

Over the past several years I admit to trying everything that was on the market including the South Beach Diet, a Macrobiotic Diet, Veganism, and a Raw Food diet just to name a few. While I experienced periods of good health and significant weight loss, I just could not maintain such strict guidelines for very long. Whenever I started a new diet, I immediately felt like I was being deprived of certain foods.

Now instead of dieting, I have committed to a lifestyle change based on years of personal experience and research that supports my individual needs. I place a strong emphasis on eating quality whole foods, including a lot of organic vegetables, fruits and grains. I make informed choices about what I put into my mouth. The recipes I share on this site are delicious and nutritious!

I don't obsess about being thin. Instead I choose foods that make me feel good and give me energy. By doing this, weight loss happens in a healthy, natural way. You should never beat yourself up if you indulge a bit. Salty foods are my weakness. There have been times when I thought I would just die to have a french fry. Occasionally, I still give into cravings, but more often than not, I choose green smoothies over coffee, veggie burgers over cheeseburgers, and water over soda. My body, mind, and spirit thank me for it!

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