Crystal Fusion Therapy

Crystal Fusion therapy promotes health by boosting low energy levels and releasing damaging, stagnant, or blocked energy.  Create whole body health by adding crystals to your energy healing session! A crystal fusion session is extremely relaxing, and leaves you with a feeling of peace and well being.

Crystal healing is a form of vibrational medicine: it relies upon balancing the Universal Life Force, chi, to banish disease and create whole-body health. Crystals are placed on and around the body in order to facilitate healing by redirecting the body’s energy flow to restore balance. When used in conjunction with energy healing sessions such as Reiki, crystals can provide an extra boost and greatly enhance an energy healing session.

Crystals, as a form of energy healing, promote health with their ability to boost low energy levels and release damaging, stagnant, or blocked energy. Practitioners can pinpoint areas in need of attention and utilize crystals along with Reiki to draw light and color into the body’s aura and chakras, encouraging the entrance of healthy flow of energy into the body. Which crystals are applied varies according to each individual’s need and the area of the body, or chakra, in need of energy balancing.

One way that healers discern which stones to use is by coloration. Every color corresponds with differing energy frequencies, as color is merely a function of the wavelength of energy (light). From red to violet, crystals of each of the seven colors exert normalizing influence on the body’s energy flow by corresponding with the frequencies of the body’s major chakras. These seven chakras play an active role in crystal healing because they are the main points of energy flow. For this reason, crystals are often used to rebalance chakric centers, clearing the way for the body to return to its natural, healthy state.

Crystal therapy has no negative side effects. Crystal healing pays respect to the holistic nature of human health and existence: we are not isolated beings, for the Universal Life Force flows through all of existence. By properly attuning ourselves to the energy of the cosmos, we can enjoy all the blessings of health and happiness.

Crystal Fusion Therapy Sessions

 $85 per Session

$230 for 3 Sessions (Save $25)

Each session is approximately 75 min. and includes a full reiki treatment. Various crystals will be placed on and around your body. Andrea offers crystal fusion therapy to treat the following issues: 

 o   Chakra Balancing

o   Emotional Pain / Trauma

o   Stress Relief & Relaxation

o   Self Confidence & Self-Esteem

o   Chronic Pain

o   Depression / Lack of Zest for Life

o   Creativity / Manifesting Goals / Achieving Life Purpose

o   Increase Spiritual growth & Connection with Source/God/Higher-Self

 * If there is something specific you would like to receive crystal therapy for that is not listed above (such as fertility or improved relationships, etc.), Andrea can create a custom crystal layout for your specific needs. 

After only one session, there is a notable difference in wellbeing and overall feelings of peace and relaxation. Follow up treatments (if required) after the initial healing session may be weekly or monthly, depending on your needs. Progress will be reviewed following each session. This will always be subject to your own preferences, and can be changed at any time according to progress.

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