Week 3- Enhancing the 21 Day Lifestyle Change


You’ve now had a full week to experience this new lifestyle change! How do you feel so far? If you were not used to eating clean whole foods prior to starting this plan, you may actually feel worse before you feel better. Don’t be alarmed! This is extremely common. If you follow the guidelines in the 21 Day Plan, your body may eliminate toxins very quickly and you could experience some detox symptoms, like head or body aches. After this passes, you will actually begin to feel much better than you ever did before!

Have you hit any bumps along the road on your journey? If so, no worries. I slipped a couple of times myself. The warm bread dipped into savory olive oil and seasonings at the Italian restaurant gets me every time. I could have beat myself for indulging and veered off the plan completely, but I didn't! The next morning I started my day with a glass of lemon water, followed by a delicious green smoothie. I was immediately revitalized!

This weekend was also the NFL playoffs, which are usually accompanied by an array of appetizers. But, instead of snacking on unhealthy foods, I made roasted red pepper humus with a side of fresh veggies. It was delicious and nutritious!

Remember, this is not a diet that is based on deprivation, calorie counting, or strict meal plans. Focus on the abundance of healthy, nourishing foods you are adding to your menu. All of the guidelines may not be right for you. That's okay. Follow them the best you can, listen to your body, and do what works for you.

This week is another opportunity to let go of fear and eliminate past cravings that are holding you back from living the life you've always wanted. Hopefully, you will adopt many of these guidelines for life, well beyond the 21 days!

If you’re ready to move on, it's time to enhance the 21 Day Plan! In Week #3, I've added three more suggestions to the guidelines:

  1. Add more detoxifying ingredients to your smoothies
  2. Eat a salad with leafy greens Every Day!
  3. Practice deep breathing and/or meditation

  4. Click here to download the Week 3 Guide and checklist.

    B balanced. B happy. B simply healthy!

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