Week 2- Launching the 21 Day Lifestyle Change

Did you indulge in eating a lot of delicious (yet unhealthy) foods during the holidays? Have you been stressed out or feeling a little blah the past couple of months? If so, I can relate! But, it’s time to change all that in 2012!

If you’re having a hard time getting back into the health groove and unsure of where to begin, just breathe! With all of the new diet plans and exercise regimens being marketed this month, it can be overwhelming! The easiest thing you can do to get back on track is to add some healthy foods back into your diet and bring a sense of calmness back into your life.

The 21 Day Plan will focus on eating healthy, whole foods like vegetables, grains, and beans. We will spend the next few weeks balancing our minds and bodies in order to bring optimal health to our whole self.

Did you complete the checklist from Week #1- Transition? Let’s review:

Did you…

  • Purge your pantry and refrigerator?
  • Wean yourself slowly?
  • Clear the mental clutter and get a notebook?
  • Purchase some high quality vitamins and supplements?
  • Get out your blender and/or juicer, or purchase a new one if you don’t have one?
  • Plan for physical activity?
  • If you still have some items to complete on this checklist, you can download the Week 1 Transition guide from my website.

    You can begin Week #2 when you are ready! The 21 Day Lifestyle change is not a “diet” to be followed for the 21 days, only to revert to our old ways. It truly is a lifestyle change, so there is no need to rush into it. Take your time and slowly transition into this new way of life!

    If you’re ready, let’s begin!

    Click here to download the Week 2 Guide and checklist.

    B balanced. B happy. B simply healthy!

    All the best,


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