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Dr. Oz Show Appearance
March 11, 2013

Ready. Set. Spring!


I realize that it’s been a while since my last email. There has been so much going on lately! Here’s one of the most exciting things…

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to be on the Dr. Oz Show. It was so much fun! I received an email from Dr. Fuhrman asking for success stories from women who have achieved weight loss and have experienced fewer sick days or healed from an illness by eating as a nutritarian.

My sister, Sara and me at NBC Studios getting ready to tape the show!

I replied to the email and shared the improvements I have had in my health since following this type of diet. Many of you are familiar with my journey to heal fibromyalgia naturally. I basically just copied the “My Story” page of my website.

Dr. Fuhrman’s book, Eat to Live was one of the first books I read when I decided to change my diet and get off prescription drugs! So, I felt indebted to tell him what a profound impact it has had on my life, never imagining that I would end up on Dr. Oz with him!

The next thing I knew, I received an email from the producer of the Dr. Oz show asking if I would like to be on the show with Dr. Fuhrman to share my success with the diet. Ummmm….YES!

The segment was short and sweet, I only had a few lines....but I got the opportunity to meet Dr. Oz and Dr. Fuhrman. How cool is that?!

The episode is set to air on Wednesday, March 13th. Check your local listings for stations/times. I'm on the first segment with Dr. Fuhrman (with two other women).

So, What is a Nutritarian? 

Dr. Fuhrman defines a nutritarian as, “person who strives for more micronutrients per calorie in their diet. A nutritarian understands that food has powerful disease-protecting and therapeutic effects and seeks to consume a broad array of micronutrients via their food choices”.

I feel so many positive changes taking place, hopefully you are feeling them too! Although there are a few weeks left of winter, I can feel Spring in the air. Did you get a bout of Spring Fever this weekend also? More daylight, more energy! Time to come out of hiding and shed that winter coat.

This might be a perfect time for you to become a nutritarian if you haven’t already? I share many healthy recipes on my website that follow the Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritarian diet. I also offer a 21 Day Plan to change your lifestyle that will help you get started! If you are looking to heal from chronic pain, lose weight, or just want to feel better overall, there is no time like the present! Start your journey today.

Simple Healthy Recipes
Get Started with This 21 Day Plan!

Ready. Set. Spring!

B balanced. B happy. B Simply Healthy!

All the best,


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