3 Minute meditation

3 Minute Meditation is an easy meditation that can help you learn to meditate quickly!

The 3 Minute Meditation is a simple meditation technique that Dr. Hew Len developed to help clear your mind of all clutter. It consists of 7 rounds of 7 second breathing. Dr. Len claims that this breathing will “put you back into rhythm”.

I can attest that this really works! Even if you are new to meditation or find meditation to be difficult, you can do this anytime, anywhere! 

After you learn the 3 minute meditation you can use it anywhere! At work, the airport, stressful events, in the morning or before bed, anywhere you feel the need.  I usually use it mid-day to help clear my mind and release stress. It works really well! 

3 Minute Meditation Steps

  1. Relax with eyes closed
  2. Bring your index finger and middle finger together touching your thumb on your right hand (forming a circle); interlock with index finger and middle finger of left hand and touch your thumb. (You are making a figure eight, which Dr. Len says makes you one with Divinity.)
  3. Inhale through your nose gently for a count of seven 
  4. Hold your breath for seven seconds
  5. Exhale out of your mouth for a count of seven 
  6. Do this for seven rounds
  7. Slowly open your eyes and notice how clear and balanced you feel! 

This is the most simple meditation technique that I know of that has the greatest impact! 

Dr. Hew Len teaches Ho'oponopono – pronounced "hoh OH pohno pohno," it is the ancient Hawaiian system of healing, problem solving and transformation. In Hawaiian the word means "to make right or to rectify an error." An error is a memory (or memories), or data replaying in the subconscious mind.  This is a very powerful technique that has brought me peace and healing. For more information on Ho'oponopono click here.

Reiki is the other healing modality I recommend for peace, stress relief and relaxation.

Need help meditating? Meditonin™ is an herbal, natural, and safe meditation supplement and aid. 

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